You have a big dream for how your business can play a role in transforming lives. You care deeply about the people who are affected - or you hope to be affected - by what you do, but you have a hard time convincing investors, donors, or even your team that you’re creating the social impact you want to have, or that you say that you are having.

They want to see results, not just a compelling hope or dream.

So what’s holding you back from seeing results?

  • Is it that you don't actually know what tangible changes you  hope to see through your business?

  • Or is your strategy unlikely to get you where you want to go?

  • Maybe you have no idea what data you need to collect to help you know the results your business is creating?

Perhaps the biggest frustration:

You don’t know what you need to change to overcome these challenges.

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Imagine what it will look like when you know that your business is creating the social impact you want.

Imagine being able to go to those investors you admire and confidently make the case for why they should provide capital for your business.

And imagine they say yes!

What new markets will you venture into? To how many more people will you be able to give jobs?

Best of all, what new stories will be created?

Picture the faces of people and communities that will see a new future for themselves and their families.

That is your social impact.


Social Impact Route Readjustment

You can continue pushing aside these struggles, or try to chip away at them one at a time by trying to learn new skills in sometime in between all your other responsibilities.

Or you could purchase the Social Impact Route Readjustment to quickly identify specific areas that are keeping you from reaching your social impact so you can start fixing them.

The Social Impact Route Readjustment is the fastest way for you to increase your social impact.


The Social Impact Route Readjustment will allow you to:

  • identify the specific problems in your current social impact strategy that are keeping you from creating the social impact you want.

  • choose which problem you’d most like to focus on and

  • create an action plan to address that most pressing problem.

This information will enable you and your team to:

  1. create the social impact you want

  2. know whether you’ve gotten there or not, and

  3. become more effective and efficient along the way.

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What about results?

By implementing the action plan from our "Amp Up Your Impact" call:

  • You’ll gain the information you need to make a strong case to investors and funders for the success of your social impact

  • Your customers will be more loyal because they KNOW you create the impact you say you do

  • Your business will have lower turnover because your employees know they’re having a positive impact on the world

  • You’ll have the stories - with the data to back them up - that will dramatically strengthen your messaging.

  • Ultimately, all of this will result in greater profits and thus more social impact.

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You might be thinking, "Yes, but..."

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Like many people, I really like a good DIY project. If you’re anything like me, you try to substitute materials that don’t actually work, and in the end you realize you would have saved a huge amount of time and money by buying it or paying someone else to built it.

If you’re like many businesses, time is money. You and your team are already flat out. Your team is already struggling to decide what to remove from their plate so they can focus on what’s in front of them. You also likely already can’t find the time to finish some of the important parts in your job description. If you’re honest with yourself, you know you won’t magically find the time to do this yourself.

Or maybe

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In the short term, yes it will. It will require about 45 minutes from 3 staff members, and about 2 hours for you. If you actually decide to take action on the area that you’ve prioritized, that also will take time.

The thing is, if you already have a full plate, this Quick Start will help you better identify what activities you’re doing that may lead to impact versus those that won’t. Some of the things on your “plate” might need to be pushed off to allow some other things on there activities that will ultimately result in social impact.

If you’re struggling with knowing whether you’re creating social impact, or whether you’re getting close and simply continue doing the same thing today that you were doing yesterday, you won’t be any closer to seeing results tomorrow.


If you are tired of

  • not really knowing the tangible changes your business is trying to create,

  • feeling your strategy won’t get you to the impact you want,

  • not knowing what data you need to collect to help you know the results your business is creating

then you know you need the Social Impact Route Readjustment.

By purchasing this service, you’ll not only be saving time, money, and frustration, you’ll also gain an understanding of the specific problems in your current social impact strategy that are keeping you from creating the social impact you want and a clear action plan to address your most pressing problem.

I can’t wait for us to start working together.

Click the button NOW to get yourself closer to creating the social impact you want.

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