You have a big dream for how your business can play a role in transforming lives. You care deeply about the people who are affected - or you hope to be affected - by what you do, but you have a hard time convincing investors, donors, or even your team that you’re creating the social impact you want to have, or that you say that you are having.

You want to Share results, not just a compelling hope or dream.

So what’s holding you back?

  • Are you too distant from the people you want to help to really know what they need or what benefits they may see from your work?

  • Maybe you have no idea what data you need to collect to help you know the results your business is creating?

  • Or are you talking more about the number of people who have used your product or service rather than how their lives have changed?

Perhaps the biggest frustration:

You don’t know what you need to change to overcome these challenges.

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By taking this Free quiz, you will:

  • know what you're doing that is helping - or hindering - your efforts to create social impact,

  • gain some new ideas for how you can strengthen those areas of weakness, and

  • get specific advice, tailored to your business, of actions you can take now to increase your social impact.


Imagine what it will look like when you know that your business is creating the social impact you want.

Imagine being able to go to those investors you admire and confidently make the case for why they should provide capital for your business.

And imagine they say yes!

What new markets will you venture into? To how many more people will you be able to give jobs?

Best of all, what new stories will be created?

Picture the faces of people and communities that will see a new future for themselves and their families.

That is your social impact.

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You can continue pushing aside these struggles, or try to chip away at them one at a time by trying to learn new skills in sometime in between all your other responsibilities.

Or you could take the Social Impact Success Quiz to quickly identify specific areas that are keeping you from reaching your social impact so you can start fixing them.

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